Reuben Foster's ex claimed he dragged her down a flight of stairs and hit her multiple times

By Jason Duaine Hahn
May 18, 2018 04:27 PM
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The ex-girlfriend of San Francisco 49ers player Reuben Foster admitted in court this week that she fabricated claims that the linebacker physically abused her in order to ruin his career and extort him for financial gain, according to The Mercury News.

Elissa Ennis appeared at a preliminary hearing at a San Francisco courthouse on Thursday to see if the domestic violence case against Foster would move forward. But, going against the advice of her attorney — who the Mercury News said recommended that Ennis evoke the Fifth Amendment to avoid self-incrimination — Ennis told the court that she lied when she said Foster, 24, beat her at his home in Los Gatos, California, on February 11.

Ennis initially claimed to police that Foster hit her between eight and 10 times before dragging her from the home, spitting on her and throwing the family dog in her direction, the outlet reported. Ennis later went to the hospital to get treatment for bruises, cuts and a ruptured eardrum, which were originally attributed to the altercation.

Neither Foster’s attorney, Josh Bentley, nor the attorney for Ennis, Stephanie Rickard, were immediately available when contacted by PEOPLE for comment.

Elissa Ennis
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During her two-hour testimony, Ennis admitted to the court that she was involved in a road rage incident with another woman the day before and was injured during that altercation, and not by Foster. Video of the road-rage fight was uploaded to social media a few weeks later, according to ESPN.

Ennis explained that her domestic violence case against Foster was in retaliation for him accusing her of cheating and ending their relationship. Foster pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this month, the Associated Press said.

“I was pissed and I wanted to end him,” Ennis said during her testimony, the Mercury News reported.

Ennis had set out to ruin Foster’s fledgling career in the NFL and extort him for money, she said.

“I wanted him to go down. I was pissed,” Ennis admitted, according to the Mercury News. “It was all a money scheme. I didn’t want to get this far in the news. It was about money.”

Before flying back to her home in Louisiana, Ennis said she grabbed $8,000 in cash from Foster, along with two Rolex watches, and took them with her after reporting the supposed incident, according to SFGate.

Reuben Foster
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Foster was selected by the 49ers as the 31st pick in the 2017 draft and sat out almost half of his rookie season due to injuries.

After Thursday’s five-hour hearing, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Nona Klippen said she would wait until next week to decide whether the case should go to trial, since prosecutors believe Ennis’s previous statements to family members and a 911 operator after the incident are credible, according to SFGate.

A court date has been set for May 23.