The Washington Redskins game against the Detroit Lions was quarterback Dwayne Haskins first NFL win

By Georgia Slater
November 25, 2019 03:05 PM

Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins may have gotten the perfect fan selfie — but he accidentally sacrificed the final moments of the team’s game to do so.

While there was still one play remaining to secure the Redskins 19-16 win over the Detroit Lions Sunday, Haskins was nowhere to be found at FedEx Field — leaving backup quarterback Case Keenum to join for the final snap.

After the Redskins offense was already back on the field, the 22-year-old athlete was spotted taking a selfie with a fan and starting to walk off the turf with a big smile on his face.

“I was so hype I think I broke a water bottle,” Haskins said in a post-game interview. “I look up and we were in victory (formation) and said, ‘Oh, I thought the game was over already.’ But I’ll get it next time.”

Although he didn’t technically finish out the game, the Redskins win over the Lions was Haskins’ first NFL win as a starter, according to ESPN.

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Interim coach Bill Callahan was not pleased with the mishap and explained that the coaches were looking for Haskins — a first-round pick — before deciding to put Keenum in the game.


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“No, I don’t laugh at it,” Callahan said in the interview. “I’m happy we won. We’ll address that. I’m just pleased we won the game. I just have to find out.”

The former Redskins quarterback Joe Theisman also didn’t find Haskins’ oversight very funny either.

“How do miss the last snap of a game because ur taking selfies,” Theisman tweeted. “That’s unprofessional & wrong.”