For a second Archer looked like he would keep the kiss, but it was a feint

By Adam Carlson
Updated June 06, 2015 03:10 PM
Credit: Jim McIsaac/Getty

This is how you break a baseball fan’s heart: Accept their air kiss and then throw it away.

One fan learned the hard way how little Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Chris Archer cares for airborne smooches – or maybe air kisses from men, or maybe air kisses that come with shouting? – when the fan blew one Archer’s way at a Rays/Mariners game in Seattle.

At first Archer was taken aback, then just a little bit like he’s into it, but it’s only a feint: Archer balls up the kiss and tosses it toward the field, then looks back at the fan with a smile.

The whole thing looks like it was in jest (who else blows kisses with a thumbs up?), but even so, take heart nameless fan: There are 24 other players on the team.