WWE Star Kamala on Life Support After Undergoing Emergency Surgery

Kamala, "The Ugandan Giant" of pro wrestling, is on life support following emergency surgery

Kamala, “The Ugandan Giant” of American professional wrestling is on life support.

The 67-year-old Mississippi native, who was born James Harris, was hospitalized on Sunday for emergency surgery, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

His stepdaughter, Juanita James, took to Facebook to keep friends and fans updated on the WWE wrestler’s condition.

In one post, she wrote Harris was on life support and his friend and fellow pro-wrestler, Koko B. Ware, was by his side.

“FB friends and family please [pray] for my stepfather aka Kamala James Harris [he] had emergency surgery this morning around 3am they didn’t think he would make it out of surgery but God,” she wrote. “He’s on life support. His buddy Coco B Wear is here[sic].”


In a second post on Monday, she gave another update, writing that her stepfather was “looking good.”


Why he needed surgery was not immediately clear.

“A lot of people has asked me for updates on James Harris status the Doctor said he’s looking good this morning,” she wrote on Facebook. “He’s still on Life support but he’s showing signs of improvement.”

Harris played a cannibalistic headhunter from the African jungles, billed Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” during the 1980s and 1990s in the world of wrestling, and who later became a star in the WWE.

Wearing nothing but white face paint and a leopard-skin loincloth, Harris entered legendary wrestling venues such as Madison Square Garden with tribal music booming over the speakers.

As part of his act, Harris would pretend to not speak English, and was usually flanked by a masked handler named “Kim Chee,” according to a profile of Harris by the Bleacher Report.

“He was the kind of guy you had nightmares about,” Jim Ross, a longtime wrestling commentator, told Bleacher Report in 2014. “But out of the ring, you couldn’t find a more beautiful person.”

Harris underwent setbacks to his career, such as the amputation of his left leg in 2011 due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes, which he has had since 1992, according to Wrestling Inc.

The disease forced doctors to amputate his right leg the following spring.

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