Pregnant Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross Hopes Her Pre-Natal Workouts Will Make for an 'Easy' Delivery

"I also workout with my husband and that helps," Sanya Richards Ross tells PEOPLE. "An accountability partner is the best!"

Sanya Richards RossCredit: Carola Muis Photography
Photo: Carola Muis Photography

Olympic gold-medal sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross is six months pregnant — and she still manages to keep up an active workout routine.

“The trick to [working out while pregnant] is to make time for it,” Richards-Ross tells PEOPLE. “The first trimester is the toughest and I struggled with feeling overly fatigued and sleeping all the time, but now that I am well on my way, I’ve found my groove and getting my workouts in has been fun again.

“I also work out with my husband and that helps. An accountability partner is the best!”

The track-and-field pro and her football-pro husband Aaron Ross confirmed the pregnancy to PEOPLE exclusively in February.

Richards-Ross says she sticks to low impact cardio, especially walking on the treadmill and using the elliptical and exercise bike. She uses Technogym’s MyRun at home to ensure her form is both safe and effective.

“I do still weight train, but avoid anything that puts too much strain on my core,” she adds. “I squat, lung, light bench press, shoulder press, standing hamstring curls on the machine, bicep curls and lateral pull downs.”

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Richards-Ross, who is due in August, believes her exercice routine will lead to an easier birth.

“It gives me energy and is the perfect balance to the additional eating and cravings,” she says. “Although I’m not training nearly as hard I feel that my body is very responsive to the workouts I do.

“I also hope that it will make my delivery as easy as my pregnancy has been!”

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