Philadelphia Flyers Debut 'Disassembly Room' at Stadium Where Fans Can Break Things for Fun

The room follows the lead of similar "rage rooms," in which participants can smash glassware, mirrors and more

Rage Room

Philadelphia Flyers fans now have a new place to let out their pent-up frustration over the team’s lack of success: a so-called “disassembly room.”

The hockey team’s Wells Fargo Center was recently revamped in a million-dollar upgrade, and on Tuesday, the Flyers — who haven’t won a championship since 1975 — debuted a room chock full of mirrors, dishes, guitars and televisions ready and waiting to be smashed by angry fans.

The room — which follows the recent trend of “rage rooms” or “anger rooms” — lets fans suit up with a jumpsuit and safety helmet, and take a hockey stick to the items of their choosing.

“The concept is definitely one-of-a-kind and non-traditional,” Flyers and Wells Fargo Center President Valerie Camillo said in a statement. “We ran the concept by some of our fans who told us they thought this would be a fresh way to have some harmless fun.”

Game-goers can pay $35 per person for a five-minute rage session, or $60 for two people, according to the Associated Press.

Up to 14 fans per game are welcome to let loose in the room, which is accessible only through a secret passageway. It does, however, have a vestibule viewing area where family and friends can watch the raging in action.

Peter Caccioppoli was the first fan to try it, and told the Associated Press it was a “good time.”

“I broke the stick, which was a lot of fun,” he said. “The bat is easy to wield. I played baseball for a long time, so it was easy to throw a couple of plates and smash those. The sledgehammer was fun, too.”

Some of the items in the room are even outfitted with the logo of the opposing team, the Flyers said in a news release.

Similar “rage rooms” have been rising in popularity over the years, with one in Texas opening way back in 2008.

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