"It's not an easy life," said Mickelson after Murray opened up about his struggles in a candid social media statement addressing the PGA Tour

Phil Mickelson and Grayson Murray
Credit: Stacy Revere/Getty; Jonathan Ferrey/Getty

Phil Mickelson is offering some support to Grayson Murray from one golfer to another.

On Friday evening, Murray, 27, posted a candid statement about his alcoholism on social media, where he said he has not received help from the PGA Tour and that he "hates everything that has to do with the pga tour life.''

"I've played the last 5 years on the pga tour. A lot of ups and downs and mostly downs," the athlete began. "... In a very short term explanation playing the pga tour is absolutely awful. for me."

Detailing that he has "struggled" with injuries over the past five years, Murray noted, "those seem so minor to what I struggled with internal."

Continuing his candid statement, Murray then wrote that he is currently on probation with the tour after he became "drunk in a hotel bar in Hawaii that caused no scene whatsoever."

"Why was I drunk?" he said. "Because I'm a f------ alcoholic that hates everything to do with the pga tour life and that's my scapegoat."

Though Murray says he has gotten "a lot better" since the occurrence, he called out the PGA Tour, saying that their "first response of scenario they had no knowledge about was to try and take money from me."

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"You see the tour not once in my 5 years of being a member has reached out to me with advice or help on how to deal with the life of becoming a pga tour pro," he continued. "All they want to do is pour money into the top 10 guys they promote."

Finishing off his statement, Murray concluded by noting that he is a "recovering alcoholic" and that "the pga tour didn't force me to drink."

"But the pga tour never gave me help," he added. "In my 5 years of experience of being on tour not once have I ever had a request been acknowledged by the commissioner or the PAC other than 'we will get back to you.' I hope not only the PGA tour steps up in the areas they need to step up but I also hope people are held accountable in their roles they serve."

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In response, Mickelson, 51, tweeted to Murray directly, writing, "I'm sorry playing the Tour has been so overwhelming and if I can help in any way I'd be happy to. It's not an easy life for sure, and even winning every year can bring about other challenges."

"FYI 'we will get back to you' is the only response I've ever gotten too," the golf pro shared.

The PGA Tour has since replied to Murray's claims in a statement Saturday, publicly saying that they are "there for him."

"We can unequivocally say that the PGA TOUR is a family, and when a member of that family needs help, we are there for him," the tour said, per ESPN. "That has been the case here and will continue to be."