Peloton Announces Adidas Collaboration: 'It's Built for People to Take Risks,' Cody Rigsby Says

Adidas and Peloton announced an ongoing partnership on Thursday, including a new clothing collection created in collaboration with some of the at-home fitness company's instructors

Cody Rigsby
Cody Rigsby. Photo: Adidas

Peloton is gearing up for an exciting new partnership.

The at-home fitness company announced a collaboration with Adidas on Thursday, as well as a special apparel collection designed with Peloton instructors Cody Rigsby, Robin Arzon and Ally Love.

"It's kind of this perfect combination of the two brands coming together," Rigsby, an instructor as well as Peloton's Cycling Director, tells PEOPLE. "I'm excited because it really is a reflection of the community that we've built at Peloton and the synergy that Adidas has within their own community — athletes, people who move, people who have goals, people who are working towards their best selves."

The collection — which is made up of 11 pieces including tanks, leggings, shorts, tees and hoodies — will be available later this month and retail from $30 to $85. Rigsby, as well as Love and Arzon, were involved in the design process, creating pieces with a focus on inclusivity for Peloton's diverse user base.

"The diversity and the range of folks that take Peloton classes was really the inspiration here," Rigsby, 33, explains. "Obviously there are men's and women's pieces, but there are also unisex pieces right there in the middle."

Cody Rigsby
Cody Rigsby. Adidas

Rigsby, who knows that people are gravitating toward comfort while getting dressed now more than ever, says he likes that the collection is easy to transition between different modalities. "You can do yoga, you can do an outdoor run," he says. "You can throw on one of the hoodies and feel cozy and comfy as you do a meditation."

He'll be throwing on some of the hot pink pieces, Rigbsy — a seven-year Peloton veteran — tells PEOPLE, noting the bright color speaks to the nostalgia and nineties influence he tried to infuse into the collab.

Working with his fellow instructors on a project outside of their day-to-day was just a bonus of the Adidas partnership, Rigsby says. "We all have different strengths and when one of us was unsure or didn't know when to speak up, the other would have each other's back," recounts the former dancer. "So that's always good to know that your teammates always have your back and we can come together and find common ground to support each other."

Ally Love
Ally Love. Adidas

In addition to the clothing collection, the Adidas partnership will also include a series of on-demand classes that Peloton users can access through the company's Bike, Bike+, and app starting on Thursday. And on March 25, when the line drops, Peloton will also host a live class in celebration.

Adidas' Creators Club will also launch exclusive content around the partnership, and a raffle for members to win apparel from the clothing collection, as well as a styling session with either Rigsby or Love.

"I think the collection, it's built for people to take risks," Rigsby says. "I think there's space for people to get a little uncomfortable and jump outside the box of what they're used to."

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