Paul Rudd Tells Robert Downey Jr. He's 'Going to Lose to an Ant' in Hilarious Fantasy Football Video

Paul Rudd and Robert Downey Jr. are facing off against each other this week in their fantasy football league

Paul Rudd means business when it comes to fantasy football!

Along with some of the biggest stars in the Marvel universe, including Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland and Chris Evans, Rudd is participating in the AGBO Superhero League presented by FanDuel. The league was founded by Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo. With the participants donating $1.25 million to the charities of their choice this year, the stakes have never been bigger — and the trash-talk has never been more heated.

In honor of his match-up against Robert Downey Jr. this week, the Ant-Man and the Wasp star, 51, took his trash talk to the next level — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at his hilarious takedown video.

Appropriately set to Black Sabbath’s song “Iron Man,” in the clip Rudd recreates the band’s classic music video while changing the lyrics to be about his Marvel pal.

“Has he lost his mind, will his team score more than mine?” Rudd sings at the start in the video. “Can he win at all? No, he can’t, his game sucks balls.”

“Now the time is here for Iron Man to disappear,” Rudd goes on to sing, before delivering a brutal blow: “I love you 3,000 but you’re going to lose to an ant.”

The hilarious video was released one day after Downey shared his own trash-talking clip.

In the video, the actor starts off on a cheery note, addressing a cartoon graphic of Rudd wearing a pair of short shorts — like he does in Wet Hot American Summer.

“I’m gonna enter your candy store that you and your hipster buddies put together. I’m going to buy it, lease it back to myself sit there and eat all the candy,” he jokingly threatens, referring to the New York candy shop Rudd owns with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

“I’m just gonna sit there and make myself sick eating it, same way that we’re gonna win," he adds.

Ending on a light note he says, “ Love you buddy” before a silly graphic of Rudd wearing a diaper and sucking his thumb appears on the screen.

“Time to get week 4 of the @agboleague #fantasy #football charity league started ... What better way than to rub my pal #PaulRudd ‘s nose in it, and all in the name of #charity,” he wrote alongside the video.

Rudd is currently ranked 8th in the fantasy league while Downey Jr. is in 10th place. The current leader is Chris Hemsworth.

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