“You never know if it’s going to be like this for the rest of your career,” the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback said of his success
Patrick Mahomes II; Men’s Health
Patrick Mahomes
| Credit: Preston Smith

Patrick Mahomes is focused on making the most of his opportunities in the NFL.

The 25-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback — who lost his Super Bowl game on Sunday after helping lead his team to victory the previous year — opened up to Men's Health about an important lesson he learned from his father, former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr. 

During the interview for the magazine's March issue, Patrick spoke about his father's quest to make it to the World Series.  

While playing for the New York Mets, Pat Sr. helped the team reach the championship in 2000, but he was left off the Mets' roster. The New York franchise went on to lose to their crosstown rivals, the New York Yankees.  

Although the pitcher's MLB career continued for three more years, none of the teams Pat Sr. played on were able to advance to the World Series.

 "I got to see him battle and grind to try to get back there," Patrick recalled.

Patrick Mahomes II; Men’s Health
Patrick Mahomes
| Credit: Kenneth Capello

Watching his father's professional career also made the star quarterback aware of how fleeting opportunities can be.  

"You never know if it's going to be like this for the rest of your career," Patrick said of his own success. "So I try to win as much as possible now, and do whatever I can to win multiple Super Bowls." 

In a particularly moving moment following his Super Bowl victory last year, the quarterback immediately began searching the crowd for his dad in order to celebrate the achievement. When the two finally came face to face, they shared an emotional embrace.

"We did it, baby; we did it," he told Pat Sr., who was all decked out in Chiefs gear.  "I love you."

His success on the field has also enabled Patrick to use his platform to "really make an impact in this world." 

"This year, with everything that happened, it prompted me to really be bigger, and then be more than I had been before," said the athlete, who used his voice to support the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, calling for an end to systemic racism and "senseless murders" following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery.

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During the interview, which was conducted last summer, Patrick also reflected on some athletes who have continued to excel later on in their career, including Tom Brady, now the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

"Those guys, they've prolonged their careers," Patrick said of Brady and NBA star LeBron James. "And if I start early, I'm trying to get myself as much opportunity to go out there and be at the top of my game for the longest amount of time possible."

"I just always wanted to find a way to be on top at the end of the day," he added. "I was able to do that early in my career. And I'm gonna try to continue to get back to that feeling again."

The March 2021 issue of Men's Health magazine hits stands February 9.