Patrick Mahomes Hides Christmas Gifts from Brittany Matthews by Sending Them to Training Facility

The couple, who will get married next year, welcomed their first child together in February

Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Matthews
Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews. Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty

Patrick Mahomes is taking extra steps to keep his fiancée Brittany Matthews' Christmas gifts a surprise this year.

In an interview on KCSP's 610 Sports Radio, Monday, the 26-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback admitted to having holiday gifts for Matthews sent to the team's training facility in an effort to hide them.

When asked by host Carrington Harrison how he manages to find time for Christmas shopping — especially as a public figure — Mahomes admitted to relying heavily on online retailer Amazon.

"It is a bunch of Amazon ... I get it sent to the facility, don't tell Brittany so that I can hide it from her," said Mahomes, who spoke with Harrison a day after the Chiefs 22-9 win over the Denver Broncos.

"But yeah, I usually have to do online shopping. There is not a lot of going to the store and shopping and plus Brittany, she sees everything, so I have to be really sneaky with it, so I can try to surprise her every once in a while."

"You are just like the rest of us man ... when it comes to buying gifts for the people you love," Harrison told Mahomes.

Mahomes and Matthews are planning to get married next year after becoming engaged in September 2020. The couple, who began dating in high school, welcomed their first child, daughter Sterling Skye, in February.

For Mahomes, family is everything.

In a December 2020 interview with 610 Sports Radio, Mahomes said the best thing that happened for him that year was a "tie" between getting engaged and expecting a child.

"Those things are special, that you don't get to happen a lot in your life," he said at the time. "Being able to be a dad and being able to get married here soon, I'm truly thankful for that."

"I mean, [winning] the Super Bowl was awesome as well," Mahomes added, "but those things change your life, and it's bigger than football."

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