Tinder, Rachel Green's Haircut: All the Things People Think Paris 2024 Olympics Logo Looks Like

"Why does the Paris 2024 Olympics logo look like it drives an Audi TT, complains to every manager it sees and is named Karen!?" one Twitter user joked

Olympic fans everywhere have turned to social media to debate the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics logo.

What is supposed to combine the three symbols of the medal, the Olympic flame, and Marianne — a personification of the French Republic since 1789, according to France 24 — has fans debating it looks more like the Tinder icon, Friends character Rachel Green‘s haircut, and more.

After the Paris 2024 Olympics account released the logo on Monday, Twitter users were quick to share their initial reactions.

One user suggested that the “Paris 2024 Olympic logo would like to speak to the manager” and took on the personality of an angry woman, probably named Karen, in a store.

Another tweeter used the haircut as a jumping-off point to make the logo look even more like a French woman by adding a red lip and a cigarette to her mouth.

“I fixed the Paris 2024 Olympics logo. Now it’s perfect,” the user quipped.

More users continued to compare the logo’s ‘do to those of Rachel Green — or Carly Rae Jepsen.

“The Paris 2024 Olympics emblem has the eternal spirit of Carly Rae Jepsen,” one person joked.

Other fans immediately saw a resemblance to the dating app, Tinder, and the company’s flame logo.

“Swiping left on this Olympics logo,” one tweet read.

While the logo has divided the internet, the goal remains to “honor French culture and creativity,” organizers said in a statement, per France 24.

For the first time, organizers explained, the logo will be used for both the Olympics and Paralympics games.

“It expresses the pride of a country which will welcome the world in 2024, to its capital city, Paris.”

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