Toyota's campaign includes star Paralympic athletes Tatyana McFadden & Brad Snyder


Calling Tatyana McFadden and Brad Snyder just inspirational is quite an understatement.

Despite their physical disabilities, they achieved medals and awards that most people dream only about. Now, the Paralympic athletes are teaming up with Toyota to campaign for mobility for all.

The company’s “Start Your Impossible” campaign — launched in 24 countries across the world — is about creating a society that gives everyone the ability to overcome challenges, make their dreams come true and never give up along the way.

Born with spinal bifida, McFadden spent the first six years of her life as a paralyzed child living in an orphanage in Russia. After she was adopted and moved to the U.S., McFadden took the opportunity to strengthen her arms to an extreme: She is now the world’s leading wheelchair racer, and has won 17 Paralympic medals for the U.S.

Medals For The 2016 Summer Olympics
Credit: Jogos Rio 2016/Getty

In 2013 McFadden also became the first individual (man or woman, able-bodied or disabled) to win the Grand Slam (four World Major Marathons in the same year), and then repeated this victory three years in a row.

Snyder is another impressive athlete who competed in the Paralympics in both London and Rio. He was captain of the U.S. Naval Academy swim team before he was blinded by an explosive device while serving in the U.S. Navy in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He went on to become a two-time Paralympic swimmer where he won seven medals.

Toyota’s campaign brings together a hundred different olympic athletes, Paralympic athletes and other inspiring individuals. The campaign supports everyone achieving their own impossible.