July 19, 2014 02:55 PM

They’re challenging perceptions about what women can do in their home country while also challenging global ideas about what it means to be a Palestinian. And, of course, they’re challenging other soccer teams from all over the world.

Meet the Palestinian national women’s soccer team, a group of women that for the past decade has been enduring a conservative political atmosphere for sheer love of a sport. As this new Vice Sports video demonstrates, they’re also a more diverse group of women than most Americans might expect. Team captain Marian Albandak is a Christian, while teammate Nevin Alkolayb is a Muslim, and the only member who wears a hijab.

The video focuses on the hours leading up to a match against a club team from Bethlehem – a men’s team, no less. How do these courageous women stack up? It’s enough to inspire anyone who been told to stop, but persisted anyway.

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