Guest performer Peter Hegan is planning to grab a drink – and then watch the ceremony

By Alison Schwartz
Updated July 27, 2012 06:30 PM
Courtesy of Peter Hegan

It took three months of rehearsals to prepare for his 20-minute part in Friday’s big show.

But now that he’s already taken the stage at 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony (which already happened live in London and will air Friday night on NBC at 7:30 ET and then again at 7:30 PT), volunteer performer Peter Hegan is ready to celebrate with something everyone can root for: a much-deserved refreshing beverage.

“We’ll find a pub and have some drinks and just try to relax,” he told PEOPLE post-performance, in which he acted out a scene from the 17th-century Industrial Revolution.

Also on his to-do list: watching the rest of the ceremony, since the performers (an estimated 10,000 people, including 2,500 in Hegan’s segment) had to stay in a holding area when their act finished.

“There were times when everyone was feeling really exhausted,” added Hegan, 29, a London-based broadcast systems coordinator who has no theater background. “Without a shadow of doubt, it’s been a joy from start to finish.”

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