Get in the spirit of the Games with this fiery sake-based beverage

By People Staff
Updated July 27, 2012 02:40 PM
Courtesy TY KU

Sadly, there’s no Olympic event for serving up some serious cocktails.

But as you cheer on your favorite swimmers, gymnasts and other all-star athletes at the 2012 Summer Olympics, which kick off in London Friday with the highly anticipated opening ceremony, here’s a gold medal-worthy swill worth rooting for.

Olympic Torch

Courtesy of TY KU. Warning: This recipe calls for an open flame, so proceed with caution.
• 2 oz. sake
• 1 oz. coffee-flavored liqueur
• 1.5 oz. cream
• 1 oz. dark rum
• Cinnamon, to taste

Shake and strain sake and liqueur into a martini glass. Over bar spoon, pour cream to float on top. Over cream, float the rum. Light the rum with a match, and as the flame burns, sprinkle some cinnamon onto the flame. Clap hands over the flame to put the flame out. Stir and serve.

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