Helen Comer/The Daily News Journal/AP
May 05, 2017 02:53 PM

The kid can catch.

Luke Terry, a 14-year-old baseball player from Lewisburg, Tennessee, is a stellar catcher — and he plays the position using only one arm.

Luke had his right arm amputated at 19 months old after contracting E. coli, reports USA TodayBut that didn’t stop him from playing ball. In fact, Luke “doesn’t even think of it.”

“Fans tell me, ‘You’re an inspiration.’ They want me to go a long ways,” he told the outlet.

And his mother, Dana Terry, says her son doesn’t “look at it as a handicap.”

“I don’t look at him any different than the other players,” she told USA Today. “He’s just like them.”

Dana told the outlet Luke flatlined three times on the operating table while he was being treated for the deadly bacteria.

“They put the PICC line in his arm (to treat the E. coli), and the bacteria went to his arm, where the PICC line was. It just started eating his arm away,” Dana said. “They had to put (the PICC line) in because he had to have so many shots and blood drawn so much that his veins were just mush.”

But now?

“He’s amazing,” says Terry’s teammate Logan Courtemanche. “He’s good. He’s as quick as anyone around. He’s really quick.”

After he catches a ball, Luke flings his glove off of his left hand throws it in the air to deliver a quick snap — just like any other catcher.

“He teaches himself how to do things and what’s best for him,” Dana told The Tennessean of her son. “I try to show him the easiest way. Sometimes he’ll do it, but sometimes he’ll tell me he can do it his way better.”

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