"It's just a hug, they're reading a book!"

By Alex Heigl
August 19, 2016 03:35 PM

The Olympics represent the best in the world, and that extends to the photobombs happening during the live coverage.

BBC anchor Dan Walker found that out the hard way when what appeared to be an amorous couple locked in a not-so PG embrace on the beach wound up in the background shot of his broadcast Thursday.

Eagle-eyed viewers quickly chimed in on social media to alert the network and the anchor to what was happening, forcing Walker to scramble for an explanation.

“For those asking what’s going on in the background now on social media now, we’re not going to zoom in but rest assured, it’s not that. It’s just a hug, they’re reading a book,” he spluttered, obviously caught off-guard. “They’re reading a book in a strange pose. We’ll find out what the book is a little bit later on.”

The incident was dubbed “Copacanoodle,” by the Internet’s hive mind, but Walker doubled down on his explanation.

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