Aly Raisman's Nervous Parents Can't Handle Pressure of Watching Her Rio Olympics Routine

"I get nervous because I know what goes into it and how many hours she's prepared and how hard she is on herself," Lynn Raisman tells PEOPLE

Photo: NBC Sports

Aly Raisman is calm, cool and collected during competition, but her parents put every gut-wrenching emotion on display from the sidelines.

After catching fans’ attention at the London Games, Lynn and Rick Raisman were at it again while watching their daughter at the Rio Olympics.

During Team U.S.A.’s dominating qualifying round on Sunday, the nervous parents couldn’t hide their cringes and sighs of relief as Aly competed on the uneven bars, one of her weakest events. And the NBC cameras were there to capture the viral moment.

The 22-year-old gymnast, who already has two Olympic medals, nailed her uneven bars routine, helping her qualify for the all-around final for the second Olympics in a row. However, that didn’t stop her parents from squirming in their seats and grabbing onto each other before jumping up to applaud the routine.

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Lynn and Rick gained attention following similar reactions at the London Games. They later admitted to USA Today that their viral fame was a bit embarrassing, but they were finding the humor in it.

“I’m a little horrified right now,” Rick said after watching a video of their reactions. “Oh my gosh!”

“It’s funny,” said Lynn.

“At first we don’t want her to know where we are in the stands so we’re almost hiding,” Rick said. “It’s just one of those moments. It’s just so magnified. Every single twist and turn. It’s just crazy.”

Lynn admits that she does get emotional watching her daughter because she knows how much work goes into every routine.

“I get nervous because I know what goes into it and how many hours she’s prepared and how hard she is on herself, and I want her to be happy and go out there and do the best performance she can do,” Lynn tells PEOPLE. “So when it’s over, she is happy no matter the results, so I do get nervous. But whatever she was doing I want her to have the best outcome.”

The gymnast even outed her mom, sharing that Lynn “always cries” at her meets.

“I still can’t believe she went to the Olympics,” Lynn says. “It’s crazy.”

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