The Olympic figure skater shares his memories and the moments he's looking forward to in London

By Johnny Weir
Updated July 26, 2012 04:30 PM
Stacy McReynolds

Johnny Weir is fabulous. The figure skater, who placed sixth in the 2010 Winter Olympics, has been skating professionally since he was 12 and is no stranger to fierce competition – and fantastic costumes! With winning routines set to hits by Lady Gaga, the sparkle-loving athlete also recently married and now will blog for with the same fun energy he brings to the ice.

To the land of Adele, David Beckham, high tea, Princess Diana and the Queen, the athletes of the world ascend on London, England, for the Games of the XXX Olympiad where their dreams, in one way or another, will come true.

The Opening Ceremonies are one of the most shining memories for me from both my experiences at the Olympics. Whether it was Pavarotti welcoming the athletes to Torino in 2006, or the giant sparkly polar bears greeting us in Vancouver 2010, the Opening Ceremonies is when it really sinks in for the athletes that they have reached the pinnacle of sport and the world is cheering them on.

You enter the Olympic Stadium lined up with the rest of your team, walking behind your nation’s flag and you can’t help but smile as they announce your country.

For the Opening Ceremonies in London, I’ll be sitting with my husband, my closest friends and a bottle of Krug champagne atop a Manhattan building, watching with the rest of the world as the parade of nations unfolds and dreaming about what could be in my future when the next Winter Olympics hits Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

Now that all my sappy memories have brought me to glisten … here’s what I’m looking forward to from this year: The Opening Ceremonies are designer heaven! I’m beyond excited to see what Mr. Armani has created for the Italians, Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley for Team Jamaica, Ferragamo for San Marino and, of course, Stella McCartney for the host nation. (P.S. Hermes created the riding jackets for the French equestrians team, natch.)

To be honest, these are the most well-muscled and youthfully skinned people in the world – so, dressing them won’t be a challenge!

The athletes that really have me enthralled this year are a slew of friends and people I look up to.

I can’t wait to see the competition between America’s golden child Michael Phelps and the hottest man on the U.S. team, Ryan Lochte. The ladies gymnastics showdown between Russia’s Aliya Mustafina and American divas Alexandra Raisman and Jordyn Wieber is going to be major. And on the men’s side, I’m team Danell Leyva all the way, but I can’t wait to watch Kohei Uchimura from Japan – he’s masterful. Matthew Mitcham from Australia is the Olympic diving champion from 2008 and is coming to London in a big way. He’s an inspiration and great role model for the LGBT community around the world.

I could go on and on, but I have to rest or my coach will kill me for staying up too late.

Until next time! In honor of my favorite thing from England, Absolutely Fabulous … Ciao, sweetie darlings!