10 Amazing Instagrams from Inside the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are off to a rollicking start, judging from the opening ceremony


The opening ceremonies of the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro are well underway, but thanks to the magic of Instagram, you don’t have to be in Brazil – or watching NBC’s delayed-by-an-hour broadcast – to be all caught up on what’s happening. Below, take a look at the inside of Estédio Jornalista Mério Filho – or as it’s more popularly known, Maracanã Stadium – during the opening ceremonies, as captured through the lenses of athletes, networks and more.

A look at the stadium before the ceremony:

… and things start off with a bang!

Or, like, many bangs.

Presumably, Michael Phelps is on the other end of this flagpole:

Cellphones: the new Bic lighter at concerts and sporting events.

Did we mention the fireworks?

Because there were a lot of fireworks, that’s what we’re saying.

Also some pretty impressive light work:

Okay, this one isn’t technically from inside the stadium, but still.


Lookit the pretty colors!

For a handy primer on what, when and where to watch at Rio, click here. PEOPLE’s coverage of the 2016 Summer Games is here, and you can keep up on the latest happenings with Team USA at their home page here.

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