Tom Daley Claims Olympic Pool Has Been Closed Following Green-Water Mystery

British diver Tom Daley took to Twitter to announce that an Olympic diving pool had been closed

Photo: Matt Dunham/AP

Rio Olympics officials have reportedly shut down a pool after the water turned from a crystal blue to a murky green color earlier this week.

The Olympic diving pool has reportedly closed after officials scrambled to solve the mystery of the green water – which they held posed no risk to athletes.

“Diving pool is closed this morning. Hopefully that means we haven’t been diving in anything too bad the last couple of days!” British diver Tom Daley tweeted on Friday morning.

Officials have not publicly confirmed the closing and it is unclear whether the alleged closing is related to the green water or how long it will last.

The green-water mystery began Tuesday when athletes and officials arrived at the Maria Lenk Aquatic Center to find that one of the pools had turned green. By Wednesday, the nearby water polo pool was a few shades off of its crystal blue hue as well.

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Officials initially blamed algae for the change in water color and Rio Olympic spokesman Mario Andrada said at a Wednesday press conference that the pools had been treated and would return to their normal color in no time.

Swimming officials noted that Rio organizers ran out of the correct chemicals to treat the water.

Attempts to correct the issue seemed to only make matters worse, though, as athletes complained of abnormally high chlorine levels.

“I could barely open my eyes for the final quarter,” Team U.S.A. men’s water polo captain Tony Azevedo told reporters on Wednesday, according to The Washington Post.

“This is the Olympic Games and they are putting so much chlorine in the water that people can’t see. You can’t have that.”

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