The race went perfectly for Olga Graf – it was the celebration that nearly turned embarrassing

February 09, 2014 08:00 PM

(Warning: This post contains spoilers. If you want to watch the broadcast Sunday on NBC, don’t read any further.)

The race went perfectly for Olga Graf.

It was the celebration that nearly turned embarrassing.

The speedskater gave the Winter Games‘s host nation a reason to cheer Sunday, winning Russia s first medal when she took a surprising bronze in the women’s 3,000 meters.

When Graf’s time flashed on the scoreboard – 4 minutes, 3.47 seconds was a personal best – the crowd at Adler Arena erupted in cheers. She whooped it up on her warm-down lap, then unzipped her skin-tight suit right down to the belly button.

She was wearing nothing underneath.

“I totally forgot,” Graf said sheepishly through a translator. “We have very good suits and they are very tight. You just want to breathe and you want to take off your suit.”

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When she realized her faux pas, Graf quickly zipped the suit back up with a mortified smile.

“Only afterward did I realize that maybe this video will appear on YouTube,” she said with a laugh. “But I don’t think it will be so bad.”

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