July 18, 2017 12:29 PM

Odell Beckham Jr. is trying to make a young fan’s wish come true.

The New York Giants star responded on Twitter to pleas to meet with Jayro Ponce, a 9-year-old boy battling cancer who names Beckham Jr. as his favorite football player.

“Jayro is a fighter,hero,and loved by many!” radio host Tommy Joe of The Hacker Morning Show wrote on Facebook Monday. “As we all know he is battling cancer…With the power of God,Miracles, Radio, and Social Media I think we can make this little guy smile at this point in his life. His dream is to meet New York Giants Odell Beckham. PLEASE help me try to make this happen. Jayro is in pain, and maybe we can make this 1 dream happen…”

The host shared a special message from Jayro’s family to Beckham Jr.

“We hope you see this and can find it within your heart to reach out to this young man who is battling for his life, and is now at the Ronald McDonald House in Amarillo, Texas,” he said. “His name is Jayro and is a hero to many of us here in Amarillo, but Odell Beckham you are a hero to Jayro. Can you please reach out to Jayro and fulfill one of his dreams. Thank You from everyone here in Amarillo,Texas!”

Danny Richburg, father of fellow New York Giants player Weston Richburg, also shared the message on Twitter, to which the athlete responded on Tuesday morning.

“How could I make it happen?” Beckham Jr. wrote.

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According to ABC 7 Amarillo, Jayro was diagnosed on December 27, 2016, with a malignant Rhabdoid tumor.

In April, Jayo received a special surprise: a visit from Weston Richburg.

“I think it’s the highest honor to have a kid going through something like that and he wants to see you, he wants to hang out with you,” Richburg, a Texas native, told the outlet. “That’s pretty powerful.”

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Richburg even brought some New York Giants merchandise signed by Beckham Jr. for Jayro.

“Anytime any of us can do something like that, for young fans and kids going through things that I’ve never even experienced, we’re more than happy to be able to do things like that,” Richburg said.

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