Noureen DeWulf's Olympics Blog: How the 'Today' Show Crew Is Enjoying Sochi

The Today host has been adventurous in the Russian city, the actress writes

Photo: Courtesy Noureen DeWulf

Anger Management star Noureen DeWulf is in Sochi for the Winter Olympics. As she cheers on her husband, Team USA hockey goalie Ryan Miller, Noureen is blogging for PEOPLE. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

It was another amazing couple of days in Sochi, with some highs and lows.

I was invited to be on the Today show, which was just an incredible experience. I got a call from my representatives late at night asking if I wanted to make an appearance. Of course I said yes. How exciting.

The next day, I went to the Olympic Park, and Team USA hockey took their group family photo under the Olympic rings, in a space we tried to carve out between clowns on stilts and a Russian band.

After that I walked over to the entrance of the park, where the girls at the Procter & Gamble house helped me to do my hair and fixed my American-flag manicure for my TV appearance. The Today show sent over a runner named Nastia to come get me. We then walked to the other side of the park to where the Today set is located. She was really sweet and told me she was studying law in Moscow.

When I arrived on set, I watched them taping for half an hour, to get a feel for how they were shooting, and spoke to the anchors about their Sochi experience. I had met Matt Lauer once before, exactly four years ago in New York City, right before Ryan’s appearance on the Today show. They had Ryan on as a guest after he won the silver medal and was named MVP of the Vancouver Olympics hockey tournament.

Matt, who filled in for Bob Costas in prime time on a couple of nights, told me he has been very adventurous in Sochi, trying several of the local restaurants, and he gave me some recommendations as well. One of the producers told me Matt also braved a fish pedicure. (How adventurous? Check out the photo Matt shared below of him and Al in luge gear). Savannah called him the mayor of Sochi because he has done so much while being here.

I asked him what the most special part of his Olympic experience was, and he told me it was being with someone in either the most amazing moment of their life, right after an Olympic win, or often in one of the most disappointing moments. I’m sure he learns a lot about the psyches of people, which makes him so great at what he does, so present and aware.

Al Roker discovered a Russian chocolate that he told me I had to try. Apparently everyone loves it at the Today show. No one knew the name, but there is a Russian baby on the wrapping. The chocolate, however, isn’t shaped like a baby (I asked).

Then they grabbed me for a quick powder to cover any shine, and I jumped into a setup with Willie Geist, Natalie Morales and Al. We talked briefly about Anger Management, my experience as a hockey wife at the Olympics and also about this blog for PEOPLE! The anchors were incredibly nice to me.

After I did the Today show, I walked over to E! News and did an interview with them. Ryan met up with me after my second interview, and I rode his bike over to the USA house, where we had dinner with my friend Haley and her fiancé Paul Stastny.

After dinner, the guys rode their bikes back to the athletes’ village, leaving Haley and I to do our usual two-mile trek back to the bus that takes us to the hotel. That was my fourth time going across the park. I walked eight miles yesterday, which I think is a good thing. At least I’m working out.

Haley remarked that at the end of every night it feels like we spent the day at Six Flags, but with a hockey game in the middle.

When we got back to the hotel, my hot water and heat weren’t working. I put a sweater over my pajamas and went to bed smiling about my special day. We are in the home stretch. Another few games, and we might end up at the top.

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