Nick Foles was thinking of quitting about two years ago during a hard time in his career and marriage

By Caroline Redmond
February 13, 2018 12:28 PM

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is getting real about his football career.

The Super Bowl MVP opened up on The Ellen Degeneres Show, revealing that he almost quit the sport just a couple of short years ago.

“I was going to stop playing the game two years ago,” the 29-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing Tuesday — his first since the Eagles’ historic Super Bowl win. “There were different things going on in my life, my wife and I, and in my career as well to where I had lost the joy of the game.”

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots
Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Foles further explained what was going on in his head at the time, saying, “If I don’t love this and it’s not in my heart, I can’t do this.”

Nick Foles of The Philadelphia Eagles Celebrates at Walt Disney World
Credit: Matt Stroshane/Disney Resorts/Getty

He says his wife, Tori, supported him throughout the tough time — and even wrote him a letter telling him that he still had so much left to offer the sport, while encouraging him to get back in the game. After a lot of thought and prayer, Foles says he decided to continue on and the joy that he had once previously felt returned.

The Super Bowl MVP also added that he’s open to seeing what’s up next for him in his football career, but at the moment all he wants to do is spending time with his wife, their adorable baby daughter, Lily, and their pup, Henry.