"I’ve been writing poetry, also, just as long as I can remember," the football star revealed

By Claudia Harmata
December 02, 2019 02:26 PM

Ryan Russell is opening up about sharing his poetry with the help of his boyfriend, Corey O’Brien.

On Friday, the couple shared a video on their joint YouTube channel, combining their two passions of poetry and dance to create a moving and emotional “Poetry in Motion” video.

In the clip, the former Dallas Cowboys defensive end, 27, remains off-camera as he reads a poem he wrote about love and belonging.

“On the edge of sanity, two meteors race toward each other. Maybe they’re running from something, but it doesn’t matter,” he recites. “When they come into each other’s sight, neither slows. Instead, they speed up, longing to feel the violent crash of another.”

In the black-and-white footage, viewers see O’Brien dancing along to the poem, his passionate choreography seemingly inspired by his boyfriend’s words.

Credit: Corey & Russ/ Youtube

Corey O’Brien

At the end of the moving clip, the professional dancer says that creating the video with Russell was a meaningful moment for him.

“It means so much to me to be able to create art with my boyfriend,” O’Brien says. “Dance is not only my career, but it’s my passion and my first love. So, being able to create this with Russ was really exciting and I had a lot of fun.”

Ryan Russel and Corey O’Brien
| Credit: Corey & Russ/ Youtube

Russell echoes O’Brien, telling their followers that his boyfriend helped bring his art to life.

“I’ve been writing poetry, also, just as long as I can remember,” the football star says. “I never thought I would date someone where I was not only, like, encouraged to share my art and my expression, but it was enhanced and brought to life through dance. And Corey is just such a phenomenal dancer and so talented and it’s amazing to watch him work and see his dedication.”

The Dallas Cowboys defensive end and his partner created their joint YouTube channel in August, when Russell came out as bisexual in an emotional first-person essay for ESPN, and the pair went public with their relationship.

“This man is the top headline on @espn this morning for speaking his truth as a player in the NFL and as my boyfriend,” O’Brien shared on Instagram at the time. “I couldn’t be more proud.”

In November, the couple posted a video of Russell meeting O’Brien’s family for the first time.