NFL Stars Are Good Sports As They Read Mean Tweets: 'JJ Watt Kinda Looks Like a Fat Macklemore'

Even athletes aren’t spared the Twitter fire!

Jimmy Kimmel‘s popular segment “Mean Tweets” put the camera on football stars in advance of Super Bowl LI on Sunday – and forced them to read out some of the most unkind things the twitterverse has said about them.

“JJ Watt kinda looks like a fat Macklemore hahaha,” the Houston Texans defensive end read with a grimace.

After reading an accusation that he pees sitting down, Dallas Cowboy Tony Romo qupped, “Well, what other way is there to pee?”

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, who has a baby on the way with wife, Ciara, took a turn, too.

“I’m tired of people saying Russell Wilson is too short to play quarterback. He’s ugly, too,” he reads, stealing a scowl at the camera.

Some players got the last laugh, including Super Bowl-bound tight end Rob Gronkowski, who was teased for being too dumb to read the mean tweet about him.

“I just read it. You’re dumb,” Gronkowski jabbed back.

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