Bolles' son Kingston wore a teeny-tiny suit for the big occasion

By Lindsay Kimble
April 28, 2017 12:22 PM
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

NFL Draft pick Garret Bolles’ 4-month-old son stole his big night – but, from the looks of it, the newest Denver Broncos player couldn’t be happier about it.

The 24-year-old from the University of Utah was picked up as left tackle by the team during Thursday night’s NFL Draft – and brought baby Kingston with him to the stage.

Bolles’ moment with Kingston immediately won the Internet’s affection: from the way the athlete lifted his son up into the air to the newborn’s tiny, stylish suit, it was all just too cute.

The athlete and wife Natalie Bolles, whom he wed in 2015, were off to visit their new team with Kingston as of Friday morning.


Wrote Bolles on Instagram, “We are on our way to Denver. We will see you soon Colorado!!”

Bolles has come a long way since his youth in Utah. He told the Denver Post in March that as a teen, drugs, alcohol and gang activity eventually lead his father to kick him out.

On his own at 17, Bolles was taken in by his high school lacrosse coach, and eventually became a reformed member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After high school, Bolles went on a mission for the church in Denver.

He went on to spend two years at a junior college in Utah, before transferring to University of Utah and reigniting his football career.

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Speaking to Newsday, Bolles said he’s inspired by Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher, whose story was famously profiled in The Blind Side.

“Michael Oher was a hero for me, because you look at people that can turn their lives around, you’re like, ‘I can do it,’ ” Bolles told Newsday. “Anybody that turns his life around, I give them credit, because it’s not easy.”

Still, he did it.

“When you become a husband and you become a father, you have to sort of grow up and you have to become the person you want to be,” he told the Post. “And I plan to do whatever it takes. I don’t even know who that old Garett is. I know the new Garett.”