NFL Correspondent Caught Ex Cheating on Her Because of Activity on His Fitbit

Reporter Jane Slater found out just how well the fitness tracker works after noticing her ex-boyfriend's activity levels spiking at 4 a.m.

Photo: Michael Ainsworth/AP/Shutterstock

Fitbits do a great job of tracking steps, sleeping patterns, heart rate, and more — sometimes documenting activities so well that the device can show when somebody has been unfaithful.

Earlier this week, NFL Network reporter Jane Slater recounted a story on Twitter about how she found out that her ex-boyfriend had cheated on her thanks to the popular fitness tracker, which revealed what he was really up to at 4 a.m.

The sportscaster, 38, shared her story after responding to another NFL reporter's Tweet about how his wife had enjoyed being gifted a Peloton bike — a nod to the controversial holiday ad — countering that she did not have a good experience when it came to fitness-related gifts.

"An Ex Boyfriend once got me a Fitbit for Christmas. I loved it," she wrote, adding that while she "loved it" at first, things took a sudden change for the worse one day.

"We synched [sic] up, motivated each other… didn't hate it until he was unaccounted for at 4am and his physical activity levels were spiking on the app," she said, adding she "wish[ed] the story wasn't real."

"Spoiler alert: he was not enrolled in an OrangeTheory class at 4am," she quipped in a follow-up message, referencing a popular fitness class that could have explained her ex-boyfriend's activity levels.

While Slater admitted in a later Tweet that she "sobbed uncontrollably" at the time, she now laughs when she looks back on the story.

"It's a story my friends and I def laugh about now," she shared with one user.

While you may want to buy at your own risk, fitness trackers like the Fitbit are one of the most popular gift ideas this year, with retailers like Amazon and Walmart both selling popular models.

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