New York Grandmother's Obituary Says She Loved LeBron James and 'HATED' Tom Brady

"She was an avid sports fan. She loved the New York Yankees and LeBron James. She HATED Tom Brady," Carole Scarsella's obituary reads

New York Grandmother’s Obituary Says She Loved LeBron James and ‘HATED’ Tom Brady
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As much as Carole Scarsella loved cigarettes and cheering for the New York Yankees, there was one thing the New York grandmother despised above all else.

In an obituary published this weekend in the Buffalo News, Scarsella's family paid tribute to her by detailing the many things she enjoyed, such as her affinity for books, slot machines and video games.

"She loved to read. Her favorite author was Stephen King. She had a private library of hundreds of books," Scarsella's obituary reads. "She loved to smoke. She smoked millions of cigarettes ... She loved slot machines and Facebook games. She never won millions, but she had the biggest farm in all of Farmville and made it to the millionth level on Candy Crush."

Scarsella — who died on July 19 — was also a sports fan, and aside from her Yankees fandom, she had a deep fondness for NBA star LeBron James, her family explained. But as most New Yorkers can relate to, Scarsella had it out for one former New England Patriots player.

"She was an avid sports fan," Scarsella's obituary continued. "She loved the New York Yankees and Lebron James. She HATED Tom Brady."

Brady — who left the Patriots this offseason to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — had long been a thorn in the side of Scarsella's hometown Buffalo Bills.

According to Yahoo Sports reporter Dan Wetzel, Brady accumulated an impressive 32-3 all-time record against the Bills as of the end of last year.

After Scarsella's hilarious obituary went viral on social media, her granddaughter used Twitter to react to the surprising attention.

"This is my grandma. I miss her endlessly," she wrote in a tweet that included a picture of Scarsella. "But I’m glad she is remembered and the people of buffalo also share her deep rooted hatred of Tom Brady."

"I can’t imagine what she would say about all the attention she’s getting ... but I’m sure she would love the message being passed on!" she said in a follow-up tweet. "While you’re remembering her hatred of Tom Brady also remember that she was probably the best woman ever and did a lot for her kids and grandkids!"

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Meanwhile, one of Scarsella's loves is getting ready to make his re-introduction to sports fans on Thursday night.

James and the Los Angeles Lakers are facing their cross-town rivals, the L.A. Clippers, for their first regular-season game since the NBA season was placed in hiatus in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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