The hockey sticks in question were meant for Zdeno Chára of the Washington Capitals

By Jason Duaine Hahn
February 03, 2021 03:08 PM
Zdeno Chara
Credit: Patrick McDermott/NHLI via Getty

A recent mail mix-up led to one New Jersey resident receiving expensive unreleased hockey sticks meant for an NHL player.

Ariel Ben-Abraham received a large box containing a collection of hockey sticks that were supposed to be delivered to Washington Capitals player Zdeno Chára. According to ESPN, the sticks were custom made for the 43-year-old NHL star.

"This has to take the cake as the strangest thing I've gotten by mistake," Ben-Abraham told the outlet. "Future Hall of Famer's sticks, for the tallest player in NHL history? That's crazy. Those odds don't even make sense."

To get in contact with the Capitals, Ben-Abraham posted pictures of the package on Twitter. A short time after they went viral, the hockey stick's maker, TRUE Hockey, contacted him.

"This is not something I thought I'd be dealing with," Corey Gregory, a marketing manager for TRUE Hockey, told ESPN. "We aren't sure how it happened. Somehow they ended up at this young man's house."

"We got the first notice around 5 p.m.," he recalled. "It was a little bit confusing. How is there a young man posting in New Jersey that he had sticks? Then I looked at the box and saw that it was intended for the Washington Capitals and just thought, 'Oh my god, they're Chara's.' "

When contacted by Gregory, FedEx — the company in charge of the delivery — allegedly told him their tracking system said the package was in Memphis, not New Jersey, according to  The Athletic.

When Ben-Abraham initially received the package, he said he didn't think much of it since he regularly received large boxes for his clothing company.

"I'm in the whole gaming scene and the esports scene, so I work with a few content creators and we do clothing lines for them," he told The Athletic. "And luckily in the three years I've been doing it we've had some pretty good success."

Gregory told ESPN that the company is hoping to pick up the sticks from Ben-Abraham while the Capitals are in New York City this week.

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"It still doesn't make any sense how I got this box," Ben-Abraham told The Athletic. "No sense. For this bad of a mess up, for a package that's value of several thousands of dollars, it's insane."