Ready to Go Full-Out? Here's Where to Follow the Cast of Netflix's Cheer on Instagram

You're never gonna make mat if you don't follow the Navarro cheerleaders on Insta!

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Look out Bring It On, there are new cheerleaders on our screens, and they're performing gravity-defying stunts and capturing our hearts. Netflix's new documentary series, Cheer, follows a Texas cheerleading team from Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas, that has won 14 National Cheerleaders Association National Championships and five grand national wins.

Incredible feats of athleticism aside, the cast of cheerleaders have real-life problems they are coping with, so after you watch them flip in the air like superheroes, you can cry over their losses, gains and personal struggles. They're not just cheerleaders, they're a family. By the sixth and final episode, they'll be your family.


After watching Head Coach Monica Aldama champion the athletes both on and off the mat, we only count in 1, 3, 5 and 7s. We are conditioning to make mat for Nationals. We are doing 50 push ups every time we drop one of our teammates. Our mat talk? Unmatched! Our routines? They're full-out! Our hair? Teased to the heavens! In other words, we've become totally obsessed. And we're not alone. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon are in the same boat.

Teigen is practicing her splits and informing her friend that she's "not gonna make mat, bitch."

While Witherspoon is feeling just as emotionally attached as the rest of us and cried "big baby tears":

Want to follow the action now that the season has come to an end? We've tracked down your favorite Navarro cheerleaders on Instagram to make for easy following.

Spoilers ahead if you haven't finished binge-watching!

Monica Aldama

Aldama is known as "the Queen" and she deserves her spot on the throne. Remember in Bring It On when Kirsten Dunst tells her teammates, "This is not a democracy, it's a cheerocracy?" We were truly shocked that line never came out of Monica's mouth. She's like a badass version of Friday Night Lights' Coach Taylor, but in heels. Mom to all who know her, her tough love is unmatched and we would very much like for her to adopt us, thank you!

Kapena Kea

The student assistant coach won our hearts when we finally got to hear him open up about his experience as a cheerleader under Monica's wing.

Andy Cosferent

The team choreographer and right-hand man to Monica certainly made the team's 14th win at Nationals possible!

Jerry Harris

Sweet, sweet Jerry deserves the whole entire world and more … but that's just everyone's opinion. We'd give him a follow just on the off-chance that he posts a video featuring his incredible mat talk a.k.a. what he does to pump up his teammates while they perform.

Gabi Butler

Gabi already boasts 1 million followers on Instagram, which makes her "cheer famous." Her drive and determination throughout the series is unmatched, though we wish she'd be less hard on herself. Follow her to watch her complete incredible stunts and tumbles (and to feel totally envious of her six-pack.)

Lexi Brumback

From the start of the series, Lexi's story made her a fan favorite. She was the only girl tumbler who could land a double full (a.k.a. the girl who could tumble like the boys) and her chilled-out attitude totally conflicted with everything we thought we knew about cheerleaders. At the end of the series, we learn that she was kicked off the squad after getting into some trouble, but don't worry, she's back at Navarro!

Morgan Simianer

Morgan was the underdog all season who eventually got to prove to everyone that hard work (and a few nearly cracked ribs?) really do pay off. Her heartbreaking backstory makes her success even sweeter … even if we worried about whether or not she would point her toes far more than we cared to.

La’Darius Marshall

Confident and at times misunderstood, La'Darius took being extra to a whole new level. We cried real tears when we watched his brother — who spent much of their childhood trying to make La'Darius "man up" — cry after watching his performance at Nationals.

Mackenzie Sherburn A.K.A. Sherbs

#JusticeForSherbs. The flyer affectionately known as Sherbs had us screaming "WHERE WERE THE SPOTTERS!?" and "50 PUSH-UPS ARE NOT ENOUGH PUNISHMENT!" when she fell from a stunt and injured her arm. Don't worry, she's doing just fine and cheering at Texas Tech.

Allie Ross

Allie stepped up after Sherbs' injury and, even though it was frustrating for her (and La'Darius) at times, she absolutely ended up nailing the routine and shining as Top Girl in the pyramid.

Shannon Woolsey

Woolsey used tough love (and a few snarky comments) to lift her teammates — particularly Morgan — up throughout the series.

James Thomas

The stunter/tumbler (a.k.a. stumbler) worked hard his rookie season and deserves a follow, if not only for his amazing smile!

TT Barker

We physically ached for T.T. after he brought out Monica's alter-ego, Annette (if you know, you know). After competing against her orders for another team and injuring his back, he had to practice through the pain anyway. Talk about tough love.

Austin Bayles

Bayles is doing great, even after giving all of us a heart attack when he got injured in the middle of Nationals, forcing the team to stop midway through and start over. He's with Sherbs at Texas Tech now!

Us on our way to follow everyone on Instagram:


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