NBA Star Carmelo Anthony Wore a Furry Hat and Coat — And the Internet Can't Get Enough

The guy was just preparing for New York's 20-degree blizzard weather outside!

Photo: NBA TV

New York Knicks guard Carmelo Anthony made the unfortunate mistake of donning a furry Davy Crockett-like cap and matching coat while stopping to talk to reporters after Tuesday’s game against the Pacers.

The guy was probably just bracing for New York’s 20-degree blizzard weather outside, but his questionable outfit choice did not go unnoticed by fans and sports outlets alike (many that, mind you, had no business critiquing Anthony’s attire).

Photos and memes of Melo’s unusual outfit choice have since gone viral, and we’ve pulled a few of our favorites for you to enjoy.

Here’s a nicely done dig based on The Revenant — we think Leo would approve.

And in this “who wore it better” contest, we give it up to Patrick.

Like we didn’t see this Macklemore comparison coming…

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Apropos and aptly timed — this Bachelor photoshop job is everything.

There were many Star Wars memes.

Predictably, a handful of Game of Thrones references.

But our absolute favorite is this incredible Seinfeld side-by-side with George Costanza.

Better luck next time, No. 7!

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