"I didn't feel anything," he told the Washington Post of his elation in the moment

By Benjamin VanHoose
October 28, 2019 01:54 PM

Bud Light may have just found a new spokesperson.

During game 5 of the World Series on Sunday, Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams didn’t miss an opportunity to catch a home run ball — even though both of his hands were occupied by two bright blue cans of Bud Light. With the ball coming directly at him, Adams said he called upon his time as a kid on the baseball diamond to pull off the feat.

“I had a Little League coach, his name was Wayne Mitchell,” he told the Washington Post. “He taught me how to put my chest in front of a ball and let it bounce in front of me. So put my chest in front of it, right?”

And that’s exactly what Adams did. Seen in the Fox broadcast of Game 5 — which was hosted at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. — the eager fan thinks fast, allowing the ball to hit his chest and deflect to the ground for him to claim — all while steadying the brews in his hands.

“I angled down,” he told the outlet of his strategic technique. “Sure enough, hit me right in the chest, went straight down and I got it.”

Jeff Adams (Bud light guy)
Jeff Adams
| Credit: Budlight/ Twitter

Though he likely has a bruise from the impact, Adams said it was worth it, telling the Post, “Listen, it’s a World Series baseball. I didn’t feel anything.”

His team may have taken an L that night — the Houston Astros bested the Washington Nationals 7-1 on Sunday — but Adams not only caught the souvenir, but also the attention of his go-to beer brand.

“This man is a hero. Twitter please figure out who this guy is so we can reward him. #WorldSeries,” the official Bud Light account tweeted on Sunday night with a slow-motion shot of the moment.

Bud Light continued a thread of posts about Adams throughout the evening, even commenting about his attempt at nearly catching a second homer later in the game. “Almost went 2 for 2. Impressive,” the beer brand tweeted.

Bud Light also indicated it plans to reach out to Adams to repay him for his unshakable protection of the beverages under the circumstances. Whether that will take the form of endorsement deals or free beer for life remains to be seen, but Bud Light appears to be on board.

The account had a field day responding to viewers’ comments on the one-of-a-kind moment during the game:

The next World Series matchup is scheduled for Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST. Find out how to tune in — and don’t miss any more outstanding moments — here.