Wild in Washington: Nationals' Brian Dozier Douses Himself in Champagne, Twerks to Celebrate Win

The Nationals postseason appearance will mark their fifth playoff spot in eight seasons, the Washington Post reported

The Washington Nationals couldn’t resist throwing a dance party to celebrate their Tuesday night win against the Philadelphia Phillies, which scored them an unlikely spot in the National League wild card game.

Following the game, the Washington Post reported that the team’s members were running around Nationals Park and throwing out high-fives before heading into their clubhouse for a special dance party, which ultimately took a boozy turn.

Team members were greeted with beer and champagne, which they decided to not only drink — but to also pour all over each other.

During the wet and wild celebration, there was one athlete whose moves really caught the camera’s attention — second baseman, Brian Dozier.

Dozier, who the Post pointed out is nearly fluent in Spanish, belted out the lyrics to Pedro Capó and Farruko’s “Calma” while his teammates doused him in beer, as seen in a Twitter video caught by sports reporter Kelyn Soong.

“Probably the best video I’ve ever take[sic],” he captioned the hilarious clip.

Washington Nationals party
masn Nationals/Youtube

But wait — it gets better!

Dozier, completely absorbed in the song, starts twerking to the music while his buddies cheer him on.

Washington Nationals party

Dozier wasn’t the only player showing off his moves during the dance party.

Pitcher Aníbal Sánchez led the team in a conga line around the clubhouse, blowing a whistle to keep everyone up to tempo.

In between beer and champagne showers, the team was also spotted getting down to the song “Baby Shark,” led by outfielder Gerardo Parra.

The Nationals postseason appearance will mark their fifth playoff spot in eight seasons, the Post reported.

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