The U.S. Open champ scored an invite to the Creed 2 premiere thanks to Ellen DeGeneres' meddling

By Emily Zauzmer
October 18, 2018 08:53 AM

Naomi Osaka has an invitation to her crush Michael B. Jordan‘s premiere — and it’s all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres‘ hilarious trolling.

In September, Osaka — who won the U.S. Open over Serena Williams in a controversial face-off — admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she is smitten with the Black Panther star, 31.

DeGeneres, 60, kept that information tucked away, and on Tuesday, the talk show host tweeted a steamy picture of a shirtless Jordan to Osaka for her 21st birthday. She captioned it, “Happy birthday, @Naomi_Osaka_. I got you a present.”

Osaka was embarrassed. “pls block me,” she tweeted back with an anguished emoji.

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But the teasing was far from over. Jordan jumped in on Wednesday, “This one is better and more recent. LOL,” alongside another picture of his impressive abs and arms. “Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present.”

DeGeneres was pleased with her work. “You’re welcome, Naomi,” she quipped.

Osaka accepted the invitation — with a little hesitance. “LOL what is going on???” she replied. “Thanks for the bday wishes, If you’re serious I would totally want to go.”

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Osaka got bashful when DeGeneres tried to make the coupling happen. “Do you want me to text him right now?” DeGeneres asked. “Seriously, someone get my phone. I’m gonna text Michael, and I’m gonna tell him that he should meet you.”

“No,” Osaka answered. “I’m okay. Thank you.”

After DeGeneres retrieved her phone, she said, “Let me take a picture of you.” Osaka hid her face behind her hands.

“We’ll take a selfie,” DeGeneres decided. “Don’t do it,” Osaka begged as DeGeneres sent off the photo.

“Let’s just see what he says,” DeGeneres said. “I’m not committing. I’m just saying, ‘Hey.’ We’ll see what he says. He’s gonna [be] like, ‘Who’s that hottie with you?’ ”

“You’re stressing me out,” Osaka lamented. “I’m too young to be stressed out like this.”