American Tweet-Hearts! See their relationship unfold in 140 characters or less

By Alison Schwartz
August 07, 2012 05:15 PM
Courtesy Megan Rossee

When it comes to exchanging sweet nothings, Michael Phelps and Megan Rossee take a short-but-sweet approach – 140 characters or less, to be exact.

Glimpses into their rumored relationship have been sprinkled throughout their Twitter postings in the months leading up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, where they took an even more public approach to their romance: Ditching his pool attire for an Olympic celebration, Phelps suited up for the red carpet with a glammed-up Rossee on his side.

But Phelps, 27, and the aspiring model, 25, who reportedly began dating in January, have already had their P.D.A moments on the social media site – namely when celebrating a certain special holiday.

“happy Valentines day phelpsi,” she Tweeted Phelps, who sealed his 22-medal Olympic career in London last week, on Feb. 14. His response? “:) weeeeeee.”

Even before Valentine’s Day, the two seemed to be spending serious time together. “Hurry back!” Phelps wrote her after the Los Angeles-based cocktail waitress seemingly visited him at his Baltimore home.

Their Twitter flirtation continued with a nod to a classic pick-up line.

“A #Cancer is someone who will care about you more than anyone you’ve ever met, if you can only gain their trust,” she wrote April 20, referring to Phelp’s Zodiac sign. (His birthday is June 30.)

A few days later, April 25, she added, “@MichaelPhelps now you’re asleep and I’m sitting here not sleeping by myself Great.”

As the U.S. Olympic trials waged in Omaha in June, Rossee showed her supportive side. “idk how to direct msg u and don’t wanna wake u up but just watched your swim 🙂 good job today and can’t wait to be there,” she wrote June 26.

Rossee’s supportive side continued to shine as Phelps made history during the Games. In London to cheer on her man, she wrote July 28, “@MichaelPhelps this probably will get lost in your tweets but since i cant text i miss you and cant wait to spend time with you for real xo.”

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