Meet Usain Bolt's Stunning and Super Supportive Girlfriend

Sorry ladies! Usain Bolt has a girlfriend – fashionista Kasi Bennett

Photo: Kasi Bennett/Instagram

He may be the fastest man alive, but it looks like one special lady has caught Usain Bolt‘s heart.

The Jamaican sprinter and nine-time Olympic gold medalist is dating 26-year-old fashionista Kasi Bennett – a brunette beauty from the Jamaican town of Old Harbour.

Bennett has been openly enthusiastic about her 29-year-old boyfriend, shouting his praises all over Twitter during his run in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

She called him “my boss” and “my baby” in a few tweets – even correcting a tweet from the Olympics Twitter account on Sunday that suggested Bolt could be the first Olympian ever to win the 100-meter three times in a row “if” he won.

“When,” she said.

“You know I’m never nervous,” she tweeted during the Games. “He always got it. All the work and talent – all him.”

“The level of pride is unfathomable,” she tweeted after he secured another gold.

Bolt has been quiet about his relationship in the past, telling journalist Ian Boyne in January that while he’s been dating the “uptown Jamaican girl” for nearly three years, he wants to keep their coupling private.

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“I have explained to her that when it comes out, it’s not going to be as she thinks it’s going to be,” he explained. “A lot of people will try to attack her, so I tell her to just take it easy and let’s make sure that you’re ready for this.”

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“I don’t definitely hide, but we don’t try to put it out in the media like ‘Here she is,’ because I personally know what’s going to happen,” he continued.

The couple were spotted out together in April, kissing at a Jamaican carnival event in New Kingston.

Bolt shared a shot of the two afterwards, calling her the “First Lady” to his “President.”

He told Boyne that early on in their relationship, he asked her to be honest about her past with him because “the press would find out.”

He also said he’s only officially had three or four girlfriends in the past, and seeks stability in his relationships. “That’s what I want for myself,” he said, speaking of marriage and children – of which he wants three. “I can’t put a time-frame on it – when I find the right girl, I would definitely get married. But I have to make sure it’s the right girl.”

As for what attracted Bolt to Bennett to begin with? It appeared to be her booty.

“One of the things that stands out is the buttocks area,” he told Boyne. “That’s what really attracts me. I date mostly curvaceous woman.”

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