"After the Cubs clinched their World Series birth, Natalie and I clinched a birth of our own," new father Joe Pelnar tells PEOPLE

By Rose Minutaglio
August 02, 2017 03:00 PM
Credit: Courtesy Advocate Health Care

It’s been about nine months since the Chicago Cubs were named the 2016 Major League Baseball World Series winners — and local hospitals are noticing a spike in births.

Just last week, Advocate Health Care in Illinois honored the arrival of the aptly named “World Series Babies” all born this summer.

“We calculated nine months after the World Series. We thought these little ones would be coming,” Mary Terry, the Women and Infants Service Line manager at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois, tells PEOPLE. “We were waiting for them.”

She adds, “We’ve kept having more and more. It’s unbelievable!”

Joe and Natalie Pelnar with Addison
| Credit: Courtesy Advocate Health Care

Schaumburg, Illinois, couple Joe and Natalie Pelnar have been Cubs fans since they were both kids. So, naturally, they watched the playoffs together — with friends.

“It was such an emotional night. There were moments where I cried tears of sadness, and moments where I had tears of joy,” Natalie, 24, tells PEOPLE. “I was on an emotional high after the final out was recorded. I felt like I was in a state of shock immediately afterwards. It took a few days before it completely sunk in.”

The couple, who had just gotten married in 2016, weren’t trying to have a baby — but after the big win they said to each other: “Do you want to try just once?”

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As it turns out, they went one for one! Their son, Addison, who was born at Advocate Good Shepherd on July 16, was conceived after Game 6. He’s named after the street that Wrigley Field is on — Addison Street.

“So, in a way, after the Cubs clinched their World Series birth, Natalie and I clinched a birth of our own,” Joe, 25, tells PEOPLE. “We literally only tried that one time, and, go figure, it was a home run!

“I do have to say that I feel more connected to the Chicago Cubs than I ever have before, because Addison is a Cubs baby.”

Dave and Erin Hettinger with Theo
| Credit: Courtesy Advocate Health Care

Lifelong fans Dave and Erin Hettinger of Barrington, Illinois, also watched the playoff series with friends at a local bar.

“It was hard to put it into words,” Erin, 32, tells PEOPLE. “The last game was obviously pretty tense and there was such genuine excitement [when they won].”

So how exactly did the couple celebrate?

“We conceived a child!” Dave, 33, tells PEOPLE. “Isn’t that how everyone celebrates a 108-year drought? Apparently the answer to that question is yes, based on the baby boom.”

Their son, Theo, was born at Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital on July 17. He is named after Theo Epstein, the team’s president of baseball operations.

“The doctors and nurses who guided us through it all are the real heroes of these baby boom stories,” says Erin. “Our little Theo came into this world a healthy baby thanks to them, and we couldn’t be happier being able to call him ours.”