The eagerly anticipated boxing match takes place on May 2

By K.c. Blumm
Updated April 25, 2015 01:40 AM
Credit: Getty (2)

There are some big-money bets being made in advance of what’s been dubbed "The Fight of the Century" between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

The boxing match, which has been talked about for years, is finally taking place in Las Vegas on May 2.

Each of the welterweight world champions has his celebrity supporters, including Khloé Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, Tom Brady and Live Schreiber.

But Mark Wahlberg and Diddy are putting their money where their mouths are.

“Who you got in the fight,” Wahlberg, 43, asks in a video Diddy, 45, posted on Instagram on Friday.

“I got Mayweather,” Diddy replies. “I’m going with the money team, baby.”

The Transformers star says he’s got “Pacman.”

“Wanna put $100,000 on it?” Diddy suggests as a wager.

“Why so little?” Wahlberg asks.

So Diddy suggests $250,000.

“I want that diamond,” says Wahlberg as he points to a massive rock sitting on Diddy’s earlobe.

That prompts a laugh from the rapper, who says, “That’s why I’m gonna take your money.”

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