Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp Get Scoreboard Duty at Wives' First Basketball Game: 'It Was Comical'

The Los Angeles Rams stars were the fans in the stands, for a change, at their wives' women's basketball league game

cooper kupp and matthew stafford
Cooper Kupp, Anna Marie Kupp, Kelly Stafford, and Matthew Stafford. Photo: Jerritt Clark/GC Images; Aaron J. Thornton/Getty

Los Angeles Rams stars Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are trying on a new gig: scoreboard operators.

The athletes, who are close friends on and off of the football field, supported their respective wives, Kelly Stafford and Anna Marie Kupp, during the ladies' recent women's basketball league game.

During this week's episode of The Morning After with Kelly Stafford, Anna, 26, and Kelly, 32, recapped the first game they played in their league, and how Cooper and Matthew hilariously got involved.

"Anna and I for the first time, actually, played our first basketball game in a women's league," said Kelly. "Honestly, it was so fun. Our husbands came and they had a blast."

Matthew and Cooper were actually assigned a few tasks they likely weren't expecting for the game: "They ended up having to run the scoreboard and do the stats," Kelly said, laughing.

According to the ladies, managing the possession arrow proved to be the most challenging task for the professional football players. "They failed on it multiple times. It was comical," Kelly said.

"Yes — and we let them know!" Anna added.

Kelly said their teammates became especially frustrated with Matthew. She recounted, "The other girls that are playing are like, 'Excuse me! Buzzer ... buzzer!' and Matthew was like, 'Oh my god, okay I'm so sorry.' "

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She also shared a video taken by Matthew with her Instagram followers, in which the Super Bowl champion provided some in-game commentary. "A lot of standing around ... If we had somebody on the other end to elevate and dunk we'd be okay," he joked.

The girls admitted that neither is very competitive, which works for them considering they went into the game feeling pretty unprepared. "My first shot ... almost goes over the entire backboard," Kelly said of the high school gym's three-point line. "And it did not get better."

Kelly also admitted that she hadn't worn the right shoes for basketball: "I had knit Adidas on. I slipped everywhere!"

Her superstar quarterback husband even asked Kelly to take her defense down a level. "Matthew kept looking at me being like, 'Please stop being so aggressive, you're gonna injure yourself. You're sliding, you're rolling your ankles,' " she said.

As for the future of their careers in basketball, "I don't know if we're going to get invited back," Kelly laughed.

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