Arizona Cardinals Quarterback Matt Barkley may have lost a bet, but he gained a unique pair of chaps
Credit: Todd Rosenberg/Sports Illustrated/Getty

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Barkley found himself on the losing end of a friendly challenge.

Just hours before the Cardinals played the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, Barkley was seen running across the University of Phoenix Stadium in chaps made from Gatorade towels, a t-shirt and his underwear.

The odd display was the result of the team’s weekly quarterback competition, ESPN reports. Barkley lost the challenge in which he, along with Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Patrick Peterson, attempted to throw footballs into a trash can.

It is unclear who designed Barkley’s Gatorade-towel outfit, but the quarterback sported it well in a Twitter video of the display.

In the short video, the quarterback is seen laughing as he runs from midfield to the sidelines in the unique outfit.

Naturally, an onlooker is seen in the video capturing the display on a cellphone.

The Cardinals defeated the Bengals 34-31.

Perhaps Barkley’s get-up was just the good-luck charm the Cardinals needed.