21-Year-Old Golfer (and Masters Winner) Jordan Spieth Is 'Humbled' by His Special Needs Sister

"Jordan wouldn't be where he's at today if he didn't grow up with Ellie," says Spieth's mom Chris

Photo: Courtesy Jordan Speith

Though he just won the Masters, Jordan Spieth – the 21-year-old golfer leading the tournament – credits much of his success to his special needs sister Ellie.

“Being Ellie’s brother humbles me every day of my life,” Spieth is quoted saying on the site for the Jordan Spieth Charitable Fund.

In honor of his 14-year-old sister who has a neurological disorder putting her on the autism spectrum, the Dallas native started the fund in order to raise money for special needs youth, military families and junior golf.

“Jordan wouldn’t be where he’s at today if he didn’t grow up with Ellie,” his mom, Chris Spieth told ESPN. “Jordan realizes this isn’t real life at the Masters. Trying to sit around and have dinner when his sister doesn’t want to eat when everybody else is eating and has a fit, that’s real life.”

“She’s the funniest member of our family,” says Jordan. “I really love when she’s able to be out there, love spending time with her. It’s humbling to see her and her friends and the struggles they go through each day that we take for granted.”

And whether he goes home from Augusta, Georgia, on Sunday with a green jacket or not, Jordan’s father Shawn says he will remain grounded.

“If Jordan doesn’t ever become No 1, he’ll know that’s only a piece of life,” Shawn told Golf Digest. “Not all of life.”

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