Massive Brawl Breaks Out at an Oklahoma High School Girls' Basketball Game

Players, parents, coaches, and fans were involved in the altercation at Morris High School on Friday night

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Players, coaches, fans and even cheerleaders broke out into a massive brawl following a girls' playoff basketball game at a high school in Oklahoma.

In a video obtained by TMZ Sports, players from Tulsa Central High School and Star Spencer High School are seen physically fighting on the court while several teammates and attendees attempted to break up the fight at Morris High School on Friday.

The incident escalated as additional guests at the game engaged in the altercation. A parent who saw the fight occur told local news outlet KFOR that the brawl lasted roughly five minutes before police could stop it.

The cause of the fight has not yet been determined, but a representative for Oklahoma's Public School told TMZ Sports that the "students involved have been disciplined according to our Student Code of Conduct."

Another parent, Skylar Brooks, told the outlet that the fight "happened pretty quickly," and no security was present before police showed up at the school.

"It really wasn't like a dirty game. I mean, everybody seemed normal. So, it definitely caught me off guard… There were a few players involved, but most of the players were standing back. So, yeah, it was definitely, I would say more of the fans and parents," Brooks said.

On Saturday, "Tulsa Public Schools had their police there for the game," according to Brooks.

Several players have reportedly been suspended and the adults involved in the brawl have been barred from attending school athletic events for the remainder of the year, a representative for Tulsa Public Schools told KFOR.

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