Marquise Goodwin's purchase comes after news in March that he earned a three-year, $20.3 million contract extension

By Karen Mizoguchi
July 06, 2018 10:07 PM

Marquise Goodwin, a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, showed appreciation for his loved ones with the ultimate gift.

The NFL star, 27, recently surprised his mother, Tamina, and sister Deja, who has cerebral palsy, with a new house, and the emotional moment was shared on Instagram Thursday.

“I know mama… I can feel your energy in this video! All the obstacles WE have overcome… Man…I love you so much mama… thank you for EVERYTHING! Especially blessing me with a sis like my Deja!!!” Goodwin captioned the footage that showed his mother tearfully hugging him.

Goodwin’s purchase comes after news in March that he earned a three-year, $20.3 million contract extension that included $10 million in guaranteed money.

Deja, who turns 27 on Sept. 17, was told by doctors that she would not live past six months.

“If Deja wasn’t my sister, I feel like I would still be motivated but not in the way that I am today,” Goodwin told ESPN in 2013. “Having a disabled sister, that’s a lot more motivation, especially when she tells you growing up that she wishes she can be out there with the kids playing and she wishes she can be out there running around.”

Adding, “She’s very inspirational to me. To me, no doctor can determine when it’s your time to go. God really knows, and he’s the only one who can really give you the day. You just have to keep the faith and live the best you can each day.”

Marquise Goodwin
| Credit: Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty

In November 2017, Goodwin and wife Morgan Goodwin-Snow announced the tragic death of their baby boy “due to some complications and had to prematurely deliver him.”

The day after his son’s death, Goodwin caught an 83-yard touchdown pass in the 49ers game against the New York Giants for his team’s first win of the season. He emotionally sank to his knees in the end zone but it wasn’t until after the game that viewers and fans learned why.