"Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first," Michael Lee wrote as his senior quote

By Tiare Dunlap
Updated October 25, 2016 03:27 PM
Chicago Cubs - News
Credit: Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire via Getty

The Chicago Cubs will begin their quest for their first World Series title since 1908 on Tuesday, and baseball fans around the world are dying to see if the long-suffering team will finally be able to break the Billy Goat curse.

That is, everyone except Michael Lee, who boldly predicted a Cubs’ 2016 World Series title nearly a quarter century ago.

“Chicago Cubs. 2016 World Champions. You heard it here first,” Lee wrote as his senior quote in the Mission Viejo High School yearbook in 1993.

After photos of Lee’s prediction started going viral on Twitter and Reddit, multiple members of Lee’s graduating class came forward to prove that it was the real deal.

Lee’s former classmate Marcos Meza told WGN-TV that he reconnected with Lee on Facebook in 2009. Meza said he sent Lee, who now lives in Chicago, a photo of his prediction along with the message that “we were nearing 2016.”


Meza said Lee reposted his prediction this August. Reddit users took to the comments section to make sense of the prediction.

“He just mis-quoted Back to the Future II by a year…” user AnUnknownSource noted.

Another more skeptical user feared that the whole thing was an elaborate marketing scheme for Pepsi noting that the quote above Lee’s prediction is, oddly, “Pepsi ‘Gotta Have It!’ ”

“This is an advertisement for Pepsi,” user 9StarEyes suggested.

“The poster was waiting to provide “proof” from four different people, many of which prominently displays a student caption, “Pepsi “Gotta have it!”””

Whether a brilliantly executed viral marketing campaign, a misremembered movie reference or true sports fandom we’re all waiting to see if Lee’s prediction comes true.