The intruder, Keyon A. Lambert, is accused of trying to carve his name in cursive in the grass of Miller Park in Milwaukee

By Jason Duaine Hahn
June 10, 2020 05:33 PM
Dylan Buell/Getty

One man attempted to leave his mark in a big (and expensive) way at Miller Park while the Milwaukee Brewers are on hiatus amid coronavirus pandemic.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Keyon Lambert is accused of sneaking into Miller Park through an unlocked door on June 2, then taking control of a tractor he used to damage the pitcher's mound and dig holes around the baseball field.

Police said Lambert told them he had never driven a tractor before and wanted to write his name in cursive along the grass using its tires. He also allegedly wanted to show off when he noticed members of the grounds crew were filming him with their phones.

A security guard who confronted him said Lambert touched his hip in a way that convinced him Lambert was armed with a weapon, according to WDJT, citing the complaint. Lambert allegedly admitted to purposefully scaring security so they wouldn't approach him after he seized the tractor.

Lambert was later arrested and charged with a felony count of criminal damage to property and misdemeanor disorderly conduct, the Journal-Sentinel reported.

A preliminary hearing was set for July 20, Fox 6 Now reported. It is unclear if he has entered a plea.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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The newspaper said the incident caused $40,000 in damage to the field, where the Brewers played their last home game of the 2019 season against the Pittsburgh Pirates on October 22.

On June 2, the team released a brief statement announcing an ongoing investigation into the incident.

"At approximately 7 a.m. this morning, an unarmed individual illegally entered Miller Park and gained access to the playing surface," the Brewers said.

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"He was apprehended a short time later by law enforcement after causing minor damage to the field. As this involves an ongoing investigation, we, unfortunately, cannot provide additional details at this time," they continued.

The team did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

The Brewers, along with the entire MLB, are currently on hiatus from activities due to the coronavirus outbreak. In March, the league postponed spring training — which, in turn, delayed the start of the season — just days after the NBA and NHL called off their events.

The Journal-Sentinel said the grounds crew at Miller Park have preserved the field for the possibility the team is cleared to resume activities in the coming weeks.

According to ESPN, the latest tentative start date for the 2020 MLB season is July 10.