Luke Perry Attends Local Wrestling Event to Support His Son

The former 90210 star attended a Los Angeles wrestling match to support his son, 19-year-old Jack Perry, who is an aspiring wrestler by the name of 'Jungle Boy Nate Coy'


Luke Perry might just have signed up to follow a new favorite sport.

According to, the 50-year-old former 90210 star attended a wrestling match in Los Angeles during the weekend to support his 19-year-old son, Jack Perry, who also happens to go by “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy when he wrestles for Underground Empire Wrestling.

The teenager was captured on video sporting lion’s mane hair, black shorts, and black boots as he wrestled his opponent while his proud father watched.

Perry kept his cool throughout most of the match, standing up at one point as his son launched himself off the top rope, landing on top of his opponent.

The Fifth Element actor took video of the entire match, silently supporting Jack as the youngster was on the receiving end of some painful looking slams on the wrestling ring.

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