Then after Wednesday's snowboarding competition, he plans to "chill hard and hang out"

By People Staff
Updated February 16, 2010 05:10 PM
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Olympic snowboarder and Dancing With the Stars competitor Louie Vito, who has been blogging for PEOPLE from the Vancouver Games, today shares how he deals with the pressure going into Wednesday’s event – and what he’ll do when it’s all over.

I listen to music. I listen to my iPod every day during practice, and that s the best. I m listening to mostly rap and hip-hop. It gets me pumped to go. Anything with a good beat can really get me in the zone but be relaxing at the same time. I make a playlist that always changes [depending on] what I m in the mood for. I m always mixing it up.

I just eat whatever as long as it s pretty healthy. As long it s not going to cause any bathroom problems, I m down. I don t really change anything [when it comes to] what I m eating. I just eat whatever I would eat on a normal day. I just stick to my normal schedule and do what I do every day.

[Teammates] Scotty Lago, Greg [Bretz], and I have been playing a lot of Xbox 360 to unwind and chill after riding. We ve been playing “Call of Duty,” but you can t play multiplayer online, so we ve just been playing “Halo 3” so we can unwind.

The day starts early [Wednesday], and it goes late. A long day. I ll try to sleep in – I only need an hour to get ready and eat and do stuff like that. I ll probably get up two hours before we have to leave to make sure I m ready to go.
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At the end of the day, I’m just gonna chill hard and hang out.

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